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Workshop Reviews

"Miriam's healing circle was a profound experience for me.  I was able to take risks in a safe and supportive environment because of who Miriam is.  I did not know her before attending the class, but I could immediately sense that this was not a show, that she had known pain and suffering in both a personal and professional sense.  She allowed for creative group process utilizing chant, music and dance.  Her energy brought both focus and freedom to each individual, while containing and guiding the process of healing on many different levels". 


Thank you, Miriam!

Abby Caplin (M.D.)

"On Sunday, August 12, I spoke the word "Hineini" in consonance, discord, in harmony, and awkwardly within your "circle" of guidance and control, within your loving, caring, daring, doing, saying, chanting circle of movement, music, and song".

"Through your teaching, through your words, movements and contemplative postures, through the beckonings and wonderings, the questions and answers, movements and statements, of everyone who was there, I encountered many new and refreshing, and challenging as well, insights, feelings and anticipations of new places for my beingness to know".

Thank you and best regards,


Louis Hamos



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