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Ah'do'nie meh' lech
God Reigns
(Psalms 10:16)
This is about the present, for the moment is sacred. What has happened already has happened; what will be is yet to be negotiated; but the fate of what is now lies in our hands waiting for our move.

Ah'do'nie mah'lach
God has reigned
(Psalms 93:1)
This is about the past. The past is known to us. It lives in our memory. It dances in our stories. It spurs us and inspires us into the mystery of moment, guiding us or misleading us, teaching us or startling us, bringing us clarity or confusion.

Ah'do'nie yim'loch l'olam va'ed
God will reign forever and ever
(Exodus 15:18)
This is about the future. It is an acknowledgment of hope. We donšt always have a clear picture of tomorrow, even of the next moment. But we have faith that it will be there, and that we will rise to the occasion to meet its gifts and challenges.

Ah'do'nie hu ha'elo'heem
God is the single source of all the powers
(I Kings 18:39)

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