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Ravi Miriam Maron

photo by Ryan Aaron Emhoff

"You are a musical goddess, as well as a rabbi and healer! Your voice is beautiful and it has extraordinary power. I am not a professional musician -- but I am a serious singer, and I am most interested in singing that has a purpose other than entertainment. You use your voice in prophetic and spiritual ways. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the gift and the way you use it."

--Liz Kohlenberg, Ph.D.
Geographer, Retired Research Manager, and Singer Olympia, Washington

"There is a large void when it comes to contemporary Jewish spiritual music. Miriam's music goes a long way in filling that void. Its roots are in Torah and Kabbalah, it has true depth of meaning, and her voice is healing, ethereal, and will take you places. I have all of her CDs. I have used Ancient Eight in soul�retrieval sessions, and�the instructions are�designed so that one doesn't have to take advanced shamanism in order for it to be of benefit, which is a bonus for many of my clients.� My Jewish meditation group loves to start the sessions�singing along with�her chants, or they just sit and listen to the songs both before and after the sessions. It's hard for them to name a favorite. I've given a few of the CDs�away as gifts, and they are�all very well received. My clients also love the music, and it is the music of choice if I have a person of faith come to me for a healing session."

--Paula Bojsen Reiki Master Teacher Gendai Reiki Shihan Shamanic Practitioner

“I am so so deep into Miriam's music. I love love love it! Touches my soul... she is a great priestess whose chants and teachings are truly stunningly beautiful and represent an evolutionary leap in Hebrew mystical consciousness.”
-- Dr. Mariana Caplan, PH.D., author of Eyes Wide Open: Cultivating Discernment of the Spiritual Path (Winner of Five National Book Awards)

“My recent Soul Retrieval Session with Paula Bojsen (a student of Rabbi Miriam Maron’s Jewish Shamanic Healing Program) was just what I had needed. I had been struggling for a very long time with my dysfunctional childhood and was in need of help. Paula used Rabbi Miriam Maron’s Eight-Step Kabbalistic Soul-Retrieval techniques and CD – Ancient Eight – which consists of eight chants, and instructions for accompanying meditative intentions. I must admit that going into this I was a bit skeptical that two hours would or could heal such a broken part of me. Nonetheless I found the results more than I had expected. During the session I was taken far back into my childhood and was able to meet up with myself as a child. I was able to let my child self know that he was safe and that the fears would no longer be a part of his life. Before the session’s end I was able to send my child self on, smiling and happier than he had ever been. I would recommend Ancient Eight to anyone in search of their true innocent soul. I found it to be extremely remarkable.”
-- Stephen Runkle, Michigan

“With her beautiful songs and her gorgeous spirit, Rabbi Miriam Maron delivers potent spiritual nourishment to the awakening heart, through a timely combination of ancient and contemporary wisdom, in her unending love affair with Love itself. I consider it to have been a rare privilege to have witnessed her unique and radiant brilliance.”
-- Brent Rowlett, Louisiana

“I began a search for new meditation music because the music I was using no longer inspired me. I searched online for literally days, and not finding anything that worked for me, I decided to investigate specifically Jewish meditation music, and eventually came upon Miriam's recordings. I wanted something that sounded familiar and yet ethereal and transporting. I wanted it to be long enough that it would sustain an extended period of meditation. [Her CD] Surrender completely fit the bill. Every day I look forward to the time that I can listen to Miriam's voice and music and through it, to myself.”
-- Carol B., Waquoit, MA

"When I read Miriam's article (in Tikkun) I ripped it out of the magazine to share with others. Then I wrote to thank this sister in the Big Dance of Life. Her wisdom and practice ring true with everything I know. Her articulation as a spiritual teacher is rare among dancers and greatly needed." 
-- Cynthia Winton-Henry, Co-founder of InterPlay

"Miriam's music has been inspirational and a great source of comfort and joy. Her voice resonates with the heavens. When I am feeling challenged by my life, I need only put on Angelsong  and I am uplifted and guided by the promises of the angels."
-- Betty Jampel, LCSW, Maplewood, NJ

Nine-Star Rating!
“…Inspired by spiritual forces… Aches with the blinding radiance of a choir of angels… Both lovely and eerie… It will bring shivers down your spine….”
-- 9-Star Rating by Adam Harrington in Whisperin and Hollerin (UK)

“…Able to take what could only be appealing to a specific crowd and make it attractive to a far larger audience. …Dreamlike, otherworldly textures …Will draw inevitable comparisons to Enya; however, [Miriam’s] music digs deeper than that. …Vocals are as ethereal as the evening stars; they will enchant you, dazzle you. ‘Great Mother’ has punch drums with a straightforward dance rhythm a-la Haza and Peter Gabriel. This is music that not only soothes the ears but the soul as well.”
-- Julian Wilson in Trans Europe Express

“Last night during my evening meditation and prayer I put on your CD [“Call from the Narrows”]. What a divine and special treat. I wish I had words to explain it; there was something pure and open about the experience. Your voice really acted as a guide for a quite nice experience. Your guidance to say the least was welcomed and I can�t tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have been meditating for decades, have experienced music and visits all over the planet, but ... this was simply way up there with the most meaningful. After I finished the meditation, I just started laughing out loud. It was so funny that the experience had touched me like that”
-- Dr. Douglas Lawrence, Ph.D. Chair, Communication Arts Department Marywood University

“Miriam’s songs are spirit medicine. They take me up into mysterious oceans of time and space. They weave me through infinity. They connect me to the oneness of creation. In a word, they are holy. Or as we say in Choctaw lingo: ho’lito’pa!”
-- David Carson, author of Crossing into Medicine Country, and co-author of Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, and of Oracle:2013

“I love sharing Miriam's unique gifts with my audience. She transcends music as entertainment and lifts us into the realm where healing of body and spirit take place.”
-- Gail Wartell, host of "Sunday Simcha", WMPG-Radio, Portland, Maine

"Miriam sings from the center of the experience of the Jewish soul with her God. The texts she chose to embody in authentic traditional melodies are brought to the heart of the listener. A good antidote to 'Yeshivah Rock'."
-- Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (Reviewing "Light Out of Darkness")

“[Your concert was a] wonderful, inspiring and great program! Everyone present was very moved and uplifted.”
-- Cantor Daniel Green
Congregation B’nai Israel
Toms River, New Jersey

“Your CD (Wings of Light) moved each and every one of us: soldiers, contractors and locals, in Scania, Iraq.”
-- Roohi Mir,
U.S. Department of Defense

"I have Miriam's healing music playing in my study every single day.  It transforms my office into a sacred space of healing, nurturing and spiritual grace as its beauty and power touch the soul of everyone who enters."
-- Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben, Rabbi of Kehillat Israel
President of Board of Rabbis of Southern California

"Miriam has produced a beautiful, soothing CD of healing melodies that evoke a sense of warmth and peace".
-- Rabbi Nancy Flam Co-Founder of the Jewish Healing Center and the National Center for Jewish Healing

"Music from the heart, that goes straight to your soul".
-- Craig Taubman

"Wings of Light", is a beautiful and blessed contribution to the continuing history of Jewish spiritual music.  Miriam has a profoundly rich, soothing voice, a voice of someone who can make sounds that heal.  All the selections are well chosen.  Each is strong on it's own, and yet the whole album has an impact greater than the sum of its parts.  In all, I think the album is superb".
-- Arthur Kurzweil 

"Miriam invites us into her healing hut with gentle timbres, strums our taut strings into release, invokes a distant star to radiate here and ease our ever-aching hearts.  Her voice is like dusk, gathering under the half moon of a country evening, that invites us to a warm place by the fire and soothes us with its singing; a loving balm for a hurting world". 
-- Cantor Robert Esformes

"I have been playing your CD daily in my car since I got it at the Circle of Caring Retreat Day. Your gift to me in that CD is profound... your music is truly healing".
"Thank you for the gift of you!"
-- Reverend Sandee Yarlott (Director-UCLA Spiritual Care Department)

"Oh, how I am enjoying your CD that Betty gave to me!  Two gifts; your beautiful soothing voice and the fact that it was a present from my friend.  It is a blessing beyond comforts and heals my soul".
Thank you truly, warmly and sincerely"
-- Sue Antebi

"Wings of Light", is the powerfully authentic and rarefied contribution to the genre of new-age/spiritual music for which legions of us have been yearning.  Miriam's vocal alms make for a bold and uplifting change of pace.  Her debut album packs a greater punch than most, by toning down mock-symphonic excess in favor of stark, haunting tracks that contain certain veiled mysteries".

"After listening to this affecting, gorgeous and frequently healing album, you will find it no longer matters who you used to be, you'll feel sheer gratitude for the sacred ways Miriam has changed you. This is something to believe!  More important this is something to pass on!" 
-- IreneDiMezza (Life Strategist/Bio-Energetic Therapist)

"Miriam's music has proved to be of significant support in therapeutic sessions, especially where the client needed to be surrounded by peaceful, strengthening sounds".

"Miriam has contributed to the quality of my work with her loving presence, for which I am sincerely grateful".
-- Donna Sumerville (Massage Therapist)

"In Wings of Light Miriam Maron Emhoff gifts us with far more than song, she gifts us with deep soul connection, with wings by which we might indeed access Light. Her voice skillfully translates the inteneion, healing and love with which these ancient and medieval Hebrew chants were originally composed. Miriam is a wise-woman blessed with the gift of guiding the willing participant toward the embrace of what we so glibly call "The Divine." Not unlike her workshops on Healing Through Song and Movement, Wings of Light communicates Miriam's own personal devotion and authenticity as a teacher and healer, and is a magnificent work that is entertaining, soothing, and transforming."
-- Rabbi Gershon Winkler (Author of Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism)

”The concert we co-sponsored with the Walking Stick Foundation featuring Miriam and the Aliyah Band was a wonderful spiritual experience. She has an extraordinary voice that lifts the soul and gets the listener in touch with their inner spiritual self. I found the experience calming and enriching, and we’re considering bringing her back for another program later this year.”
-- Andrew J. Lipman, MSW
Executive Director
Jewish Federation of Greater Albuquerque

"Hearing Miriam sing is a deep spiritual experience, like attending a religious service. The wisdom from the tradition that she shares before each song, setting it into historical context and meaning, brings magic to the song, and her awesome voice carries the same message."
-- Robert A. Levin, Philanthropist and Former
Interim President of Antioch University

”[Miriam’s CD is] a refreshing change from the pile of overproduced stuff that crosses this desk. This is a very pleasing album; I’m not qualified to comment on whether it has medicinal value, but the musical worth is indisputable.”
-- Five-Star Review by George Robinson in the Jewish Week (November 21, 2002)

“With our world in such dire need of healing and embracing, Miriam Maron Emhoff’s haunting voice offers vibrational and energetic healing to all who hear it.”
-- Palisades 97202 (November 2001)

“I have been listening to your glorious new CD, "Surrender", transporting me to deep places!! It�s wonderful! ”
-- Roberta Wall, Esq. Accord, New York

“The Surrender CD takes me right to the source because I'm compelled to chant the mantras along with the CD, and your voice has good devotional heart-based emotion that inspires the soul. The mantras on the Surrender CD are nice, powerful and ancient. The mantras on the Mystic Convergence CD are also good. The Mystic Convergence CD is kind of esoteric in the sense that it is mysterious in your choice of mantras including the Vowel points which I really liked and the layered Hebrew/Aramaic mantras with the Sanskrit mantras. I think the convergence section of the CD is really powerful and multi-dimensional and it takes me deep. Both CDs are high quality and spiritually elevating. I consider these CD's as my gateway into the Jewish mystical tradition. I felt it had a lot of soul and healing energy to it. ”
-- Justin Mindes
Santa Monica, California

“You are an amazing wise woman -- brilliant, beautiful and kind. Your great gift of heart and soul is gifted in such a melodious fashion. Hashem has blessed you, and you share this great gift for all of us who listen with the ear of our heart! May G-d hold your Neshamah (soul) ever so gently as you hold everyone's with your gentle, loving music that goes into the hearts of all who hear it. Thank you so much.”
-- Dorry Korn
Toronto, Canada

“I listen to your music every day. It brings me straight into my heart.”
-- Jacke Schroeder
Portland, Oregon

YOGA magazine Reviews "Call From The Narrows
Call From The Narrows
Yoga Magazine September 2009

New CD by Ravi Miriam Maron:"It will bring shivers down your spine," writes Adam Harrington in Whisper in Whisperin and Hollerin which gave this album a 9-Star Rating. From ancestral prayer songs - including one accompanied by the haunting sound of the Kudu antelope horn - to a moving incantation restored from the lesser-known traditions of shamanic Kabbalah, this 2-CD album best reflects Miriam Maron's uncanny ability for translating with full potency the ensouled intention and flavor of ancient Hebraic and Aramaic prayers and aphorisms. (including some with English translation). Here music and vocal "will draw inevitable comparisons to Enjya," writes Julian Wilson in Trans Europe Express," however [Miriam's] music digs deeper than that. Vocals are as ethereal as the evening stars; they will enchant you, dazzle you. This is music that not only soothes the ears but the soul as well." Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary) writes:"Miriam's beautiful voice, like her presence, is an oasis of peace. [She] is a path to the gifts of our soul to which we can return and refresh ourselves in our sometimes wearying journey." For information on Miriam's six other CDs as well as her workshops and retreats, and her unique healing and mentoring sessions, visit

Magazine review


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