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Remote Healing

Rabbi Maron's work as an RN and as a spiritual healer for more than three decades has enabled her to bridge both worlds - that of modern medicine and that of ancient modalities of healing involving the integration of mind, body and spirit. She has done this work and continues to do so for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, in-person, on the phone, via Skype, as well as through remote intent, or what many refer to as "Remote Healing."

"When I am called upon for remote healing work due to distance and other factors," writes Dr. Maron, "I schedule a window of time during which I concentrate all of my thought, intention and prayer on the subject, imaging their situation, the location of the problem or issue, all within the context of the information I have obtained from them and about them prior to the session, as well as intuitively before and during the session itself. While the results of any healing work, contemporary real-time medicine included, is not in our hands and is determined by forces beyond our realm and comprehension, I have had amazing feedback from many people for whom I have done remote healing, lauding and affirming its efficacy. I am no less involved in the actual process of my work whether I perform it in-person, by phone, Skype, or remotely. The mystique of this work remains the same, its potency no less through one venue or another; and the preparations I assume prior to doing this work apply to them all."

As a teacher in the Jewish mystical tradition, Rabbi Miriam's approach is inclusive of elements of her personal spiritual path while also drawing from what she experiences and has come to know as a more cosmic, universal wellspring of positive healing energies that are trans-denominational and therefore does not in any way require of the subject any adherence to any particular religious or otherwise spiritual belief system.

"While I was hospitalized, I consulted Rabbi Miriam about receiving some healing work. As I was in no condition to do this over the phone, I decided to have some remote healings. Although I was not in a position to perceive her healing work, I know that I received the exact healing I needed to receive each time. I am extremely grateful for the healings I received from Rabbi Miriam at my time of need. If you are in need of a healing and are unable to either visit or have a phone consultation with her, I highly recommend Rabbi Miriam's remote healing sessions." - Karen J. P. Binney, MBA, CMT, LLCC, Charlottesville, VA.

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