Timely CD Promotes Light in the Face of Darkness


Spiritual healer Miriam, releases her second CD entitled Light out of Darkness. The CD presents a series of uplifting Kabbalistic songs and chants in Hebrew, English and Aramaic. The music takes one on a mystical meditative journey with restorations of long forgotten, soul-stirring melodies and songs and with several original chants. Miriam has drawn from ancient Jewish inspirational texts dating as far back as 3,000 years.

In the face of what is going on in the world today the title track Light out of Darkness reminds us that even in the bleakest situations hope is still to be discovered. The song “Aliyah” explores the concept of the descending into darkness for the sake of ascending into the light. The “Interfaith Prayer” based upon the prayer of Saint Francis reflects the life choices we have in our path such as “Let me not so much seek to be understood as to understand”. “Passion of the Earth”, sung in its original Aramaic vernacular, addresses the sanctity of our natural environment. It is based upon an ancient rabbinic teaching about how all fauna and flora are imbued with divine passion.

Many of the other songs and chants in “Light out of Darkness” will be new to most listeners, who will not only be entertained by the album’s creative musical arrangements but will also discover remarkable relevance in teachings and prayers several millennia old. The songs share the common theme of hope, healing, and empowerment, a theme so sorely needed during these times in the face of seemingly insurmountable personal, environmental, and global challenges

“Listening to Light out of Darkness,” lauds Gershon Winkler, an internationally renowned rabbi and author of eleven books, “is like listening to an album full of Number One Hits.”

A Registered Nurse with a graduate degree in Exercise Physiology, Miriam now has a private spiritual healing practice in Los Angeles and facilitates workshops, services and retreats across the U.S., Canada, and Europe on healing and mind, body, soul integration. Through her original chants and recovery of ancient ones, in “Light out of Darkness” Miriam communicates her own personal devotion and authenticity as a both a teacher and a healer. Her album inspires a deep soul connection, hope and is a reflection of the wise-woman she is.

For further information on Light out of Darkness and a sampling of songs from this deeply moving new album, visit Miriam’s website at www.miriamscyberwell.com.