Posted on August 4, 2011

White Fire
Kabbalistic Wisdom
From Behind the Veil

Rabbi Gershon Winkler
Rabbi Miriam Maron, B.S.N., R.N., M.A.


December 16-18, 2011

At Rowe Conference Center
In the scenic, rustic Berkshire Mountains of
northwestern Massachussetts

To register, visit
or call them at 413-339-4954

December 16-18, 2011


Contrary to what a lot of self-proclaimed experts on Judaism posit, Judaism is very much an oral tradition. Its written scriptures are cryptic, replete with myriad possibilities of interpretation, unlocked only via the oral tradition. The oral tradition of creative interpretation is as sacred, in other words, as the written tradition on which it is based. There isn’t one without the other. Join us as we explore some of the lesser-taught oral traditions and interpretations of the rich and ancient mystery wisdom encrypted within the Torah. As the ancient Hebrew sages put it: "The Torah was not given to us any differently than we were given wheat from which to derive flour; flax from which to derive cloth" (Midrash Tana D'Bei Eliyahu Zuta, Ch. 2).

“White Fire” is representative of the subtle, hidden, and often cryptic wisdom that comprises the Soul of Torah. While “The Word” is Black Fire -- the overt expression of the intent and message of Torah -- White Fire is the more expansive space of emptiness that surrounds, carries, and heralds The Word. It is the hollowed space into which the Genesis of Divine Thought flows infinitely and eternally within and beyond The Word, dancing into myriad varieties of flavors, shapes, and textures to form ever-shifting concepts and imagery that inspire personal and collective consciousness. During this weekend, Rabbis Gershon and Miriam will gift us with a well-rounded and often jaw-dropping understanding of -- as well as ever-deepening insight into – the heart and soul of Jewish Mysticism. Drawing from ancient and early-medieval Aramaic and Hebraic source texts, they offer here a rich blend of rarely-understood and lesser promulgated realms of a more aboriginal dimension of Kabbalah that has been lauded in the press as “a universe away” from contemporary “pop” mysticism. And as usual, this wisdom will be filtered through humor, chant, storytelling,, clear down-to-earth articulation, and other user-friendly flavors that have distinguished the teaching style of these two mavericks of contemporary Judaica for decades.



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