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Posted on January 19, 2010
Gershon WinklerJeane HoustonMiriam MaronKen Wilber

Integral Spirituality Conference A Major Success!

Rabbi Miriam Maron's participation in Ken Wilber's Integral Spirituality Experience over the New Year weekend was lauded by the more than 500 people who participated from over 30 countries worldwide. Rabbi Miriam was featured in a special evening program that included Lama Surya Das. She shared an hour of sacred chant, music, and teachings that � as one conference leader put it - "rocked all the worlds". Many of the Jewish participants later thanked Miriam privately for restoring them to their Jewish roots and identity through her music and teachings that evening. Miriam also taught several classes at the conference together with Rabbi Winkler, attended by people of varied backgrounds and nationalities, introducing them to treasures of lesser-known Judaic wisdom around the Unique Self, Story, and Twelve Tribes Archetypes, as well as daily Quirtan. She also led the entire conference of over 500 participants in Quirtan chants which she had composed, based on ancient Hebraic and Aramaic prayers and incantations. The conference also featured Jean Houston, Krishna Das, Sensei Sally Kempton, Craig Hamilton.



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