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Patton State Hospital’s
23rd Annual Forensic Mental Health Conference

Rabbi Dr. Miriam Maron
and Rabbi Dr. Gershon Winkler

Biblical Wisdom for the Arduous Journey
from Resignation to Transformation

Hagar, Jacob, Moses, the Mother of Cicero -- each of these Biblical personalities have left us with stories of resignation and transformation, and how it is possible - even against the greatest of obstacles - to journey from the former to the latter. Rabbi Dr. Miriam Maron, RN, PhD, and Rabbi Dr. Gershon Winkler, PhD, Patton's Jewish Chaplain, will introduce us to a rich treasure of ancient Hebrew wisdom that helps us to better understand the dynamics behind the struggle of fortitude and hopelessness and how we can employ this wisdom toward supporting the mental well-being of both patients in our forensic hospitals and inmates in our correctional institutions. With music and humor, and drawing generously from the ancient Jewish Scriptures, as well as from a wellspring of post-biblical Hebraic and Aramaic source texts, these two mavericks of Judaism will bridge the illusory gap betwixt aboriginal wisdom and contemporary experience in order to expand and tweak the efficacy of our day-to-day relationship with those trusted to our care on either side of "the fence."  

February 24, 2016
Patton State Hospital
3102 E Highland Ave
Patton, CA 92369

(Patton is located outside of San Bernardino, California off Interstate 210)