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Kalsman Institute on Judaism & Health

A Program of Hebrew Union College
Joins with
Walking Stick Foundation

in presenting two exciting seminars
as part of Kalsman Institute’s
“Jewish Wisdom and Wellness” Series

April 26, 2015 – May 3, 2015

As follows:

Sunday, April 26, 2015, 2-4 PM

On the Sacred Land of the Chumash Indian Nation
Thousand Oaks, CA


A rich blend of teaching, storytelling, live music, song, and chant
With Rabbi Dr. Miriam Maron, BSN, RN, MA, PhD
and Rabbi Dr. Gershon Winkler, PhD

Based largely on their new book by the same title, Rabbis Miriam Maron (www.MiriamsyberWell.com) and Gershon Winkler (www.walkingstick.org) will take us on a rare explorative journey of Shamanic Jewish mystery wisdom around the interplay of Life and Death and the bond shared by both. At this special gathering, you will be introduced to rare, inspiring and thought-provoking teachings from ancient and early-medieval Hebraic and Aramaic source texts about two of the most elusive themes with which most of us grapple daily – Life and Death -- wisdom that will help us to let go of the dread of Death while becoming more welcoming of the gift of Life.

The Program is Free, but RSVP is Necessary.

Please contact Rabbi Winkler at gershon@walkingstick.org
or call 805-795-2996

Entrance to “Chumash Indian Museum” Land is located at
3290 Lang Ranch Pkwy, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362


Thursday, April 30, 2015, 7-9 PM


Ahavat Torah
(Fireside Room)
Los Angeles, CA

Spiritual Guidance and Support
for the Hidden Potential
of “Special Needs” Children

Rabbi Dr. Miriam Maron, BSN, RN, MA, PhD
Vice-President of Crystal Cradle
Director of Operations, Walking Stick Foundation
and Ariella Shira Lewis, MA, SLP
Founder and Director of Crystal Cradle

Having worked with special needs children, we have come to realize that their differences and their challenges with our troubled world has far too long been wrongly perceived as disabilities and diagnosed as disorders. In this program, we will explore classical Jewish wisdom related to the gift of human potential in all persons regardless of seeming anomalies. Related rabbinic commentaries will be discussed against the backdrop of contemporary medical discoveries and integrative approaches. Language and Speech Therapist Ariella Shira Lewis will share her research on how to more effectively understand and interact with this range of children (ASD, ADHD, ADD, SPD, OCD, language delayed, apraxia, dyslexic, etc.) to support their underlying abilities, while Rabbi Dr. Miriam Maron (www.MiriamsyberWell.com), who is also a Registered Nurse, will bridge Jewish traditional wisdom, spirituality, music and modern medicine. Both facilitators are certified in Autism Movement Therapy and have worked extensively with special needs children of all ages. Parents of “special needs” children as well as health professionals and educators will benefit from this seminar.

Ahavat Torah is located at
343 Church Land, Los Angeles, CA 90049