CALL FROM THE NARROWS This is Miriam's newest album, divided into two CD's: one featuring powerful ancient Hebraic chants that foster body, mind, and spirit integration, and the second CD gifting us with more of Miriam's soothing, mesmerizing arrangements ideal for meditation, relaxation, or healing. From ancestral prayer songs including one accompanied by the haunting sound of the horn of the Kudu antelope to a moving incantation restored by Miriam from the lesser-promulgated traditions of shamanic Kabbalah, this 2-CD album best reflects Miriam's uncanny skill and genius in translating with full potency the ensouled intention and flavor of ancient Hebraic and Aramaic prayers and aphorisms. Call From The Narrows also features Miriam's own original works and is a prime example of her talent for musical and vocal variety and originality.