The ancient mystery wisdom of the Jewish people is replete with teachings and incantations around spirit beings that influence our cosmos as well as our downhome earthly existence. On this CD you will hear Miriam chant the sacred names of the seven earth spirits, corresponding to the seven attributes of the earth alluded to in the ancient Hebrew mystical writ.ÝThe names of these spirits and their corresponding earth qualities are found strewn across ancient and early-medieval kabbalistic works. Miriam also chants and thereby honors the more cosmic angelic forces of Raífaíel and Gavíreeíel, the powers of healing and of strength and balance. The gift of this CD is twofold: the soothing, healing voice for which Miriam is renowned and which she often employs in her own private healing practice, and the intention behind these chants: conjuring the blessings of these nine spirit forces toward the listenerís personal well-being and empowerment.

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