Call from the Narrows
Disc 1
  1. Clear the Way - Pa'nu Derech (8:18) The words are 2,700 years ld, proclaimed by the Hebrew prophet Yesha’yahu (Isaiah). This chant is intended to help us clear a path for the divine flux to flow freely to and fro along the conduit of Life Force that connects us to God, enabling the possibility of experiencing that connection real-time.

  2. Great Mother-Ay'ma Deh'ee'la'ah (7:16) Elo’heem (God) is referred to also as ay’ma deh’ee’la’ah, or Great Mother, since the quality of Creator is understood and experienced most dramatically in the feminine realm of conception and birthing. God is also referred to as eagle, believed by the Jewish tradition to represent both compassionate parent and wise teacher.

  3. Call from the Narrows - Meen Ha'May'tzar (5:38) This 2900-year-old Hebrew chant combines human voices with the sacred and powerful resonance of a Kudu antelope horn, or Sho’far, a ritual implement used by the Jewish people for more than 3,000 years as a way of awakening the deepest attributes of the soul.

  4. Incantation - La'chash (17:34) A very powerful and ancient Jewish mystical incantation which is not comprised of words that mean anything on the linear plane but of cryptic permutations of letters and vowels believed to hold within them qualities that draw supportive energies from the spirit realms.

  5. Robe of Light – K’to’net Oh’r (9:23) This chant, excerpted from 2900-year-old Hebraic writ, helps us to don the mantle of light that is being offered to us in every moment, daring us to consummate our soul with our body and become unified within and without.

  6. Transition – Ma’avar (2:32) A meditative blend of Sh’ruti and Guitar to sweep us gently to the next moment, bringing the meditative into our everyday activity.

Disc 2
  1. Preparation – Ha’cha’nah (8:46) Excerpted from a 3,300-year-old prayer attributed to the Hebrew prophet Mo’sheh (Moses), this prayer reminds us of how the gifts of healing and nurturing await our readiness to receive them and to use them with sacred intention for ourselves and others.

  2. I Must Follow – A’cha’ray (6:38) The will to abandon judgment and follow, to surrender to the mystery of what lies in front of us no matter how intimidating or frightening, can open up whole new horizons of possibility both in the realm of the physical and that of the spiritual.

  3. From All I Have Learned – Mee’kol M’lam’die Hees’kal’tee (6:40) A tribute to the myriad teachers in our lives, known and unknown, prominent and not so prominent, older than us and younger, male or female, educated or not, animal, human, plant, rock – expressing gratitude to all that has taught us.

  4. Interfaith Prayer – Tefilat L’U’mee (6:36) A prayer of universal appeal and application, based on the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

  5. God is Near – Ka’ro’v A’do’nai (6:39) It is a fundamental Jewish belief that the unseen, unknown, undefinable mystery we glibly refer to as God, is very immanent, very present in our daily lives, gifting us with the strength to rise, to see, to move, and motivating us with faith that there is meaning to our beingness, and that we have a voice that is heard.

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