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My Personal Connection
with the Ashina Clan of the Khazars

© 2015 Miriam Maron, PhD

Ashina is the name of an ancient Siberian clan of shamans who in the seventh century were attracted to and eventually adopted the spiritual path of Judaism. Jewish history identifies them as the rulers of the kingdom of the Khazars, and it is believed that their eventual assimilation amid European Jewish populations contributed significantly – and perhaps even defined -- Ashkenazic Jewish Culture. This may explain the very shamanic nature of many of the mystery traditions that emerged from the Ashkenazic schools of Kabbalah, in that they prolifically incorporated plants, stones and animal attributes in their healing work as well as the conjuring of various spirits.

Ashina was the clan of the Grey-She-Wolf, Keeper of Fertility and Earth Water, and governed the many tribes of the Khazars. I have for a long time felt a deep connection to the Khazars not only as possibly a part of my own Ashkenazic ancestry but also because of the affinity I have with their mythology and the kinship I have experienced between my healing modalities and the shamanic traditions of Ashkenazic Kabbalah Schools, much of which I deeply feel have been woven from the combined fabrics of Khazarian Shamanism and Jewish Shamanism. As Ashina is the Keeper of Fertility and Earth Water, so is a great deal of the work I do in my private healing practice, incorporating the teachings of my tradition regarding the application of the energies of earth and water for opening up new pathways of realization for the emergence of healing, or, in other words, creating in my clients fertile ground for fresh growth by softening what has been hardened in their life journey and replacing what has not worked with what could work.

In my healing room, a visitor might feel welcomed by a wide range of ritual implements and sacred items I have intuited over the years as helpful in my work, and of which I was eventually to read about in the Kabbalistic-Shamanic writings of early Ashkenazic masters such as Rabbi Yehudah Ha’Chassid, Rabbi Eliezer of Vermizia, and Rabbi Eliyahu Baal Shem, whose nonchalant teachings about the use of such implements may very well have been based on adaptations by Ashkenazic Jewish culture of the shamanic wisdom of the Ashina clan.

It is therefore that I have taken on the additional name of “Ashina” and applied it as well to my healing venues in honor of this long-neglected part of my rich heritage and its integral connection to my work.

With Warmth and Blessings,

Rabbi Dr. Miriam Ashina Maron, BSN, RN, MA, PhD